Beyond Women’s Day: Kinstanian Women in Leadership

She mentions some of her colleagues by name, saying: “Rachel Devine may be the smartest person I have ever worked with, but her true superpower is her willingness to share her knowledge. Additionally, I get to work with some phenomenal ladies on my team. Ella Mabrito, Tímea Schnébli, Anabel Tamayo, and Sachi Jain approach the challenging aspects of our job with such enthusiasm and dedication that I often think we are our own team of Valkyries.”

“I’m not treated any differently,” says Rachel. “I have equal opportunity and am proud to contribute to Kinsta. This company has given me the chance to prove myself in a leadership role, regardless of my gender.,” she adds.

Rachel’s Inspirations and Learnings

“It’s inspiring to see leaders who make a point to mentor their team and, above all, hold the door open for them to walk through.”

Nicole on Challenges and Advice

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Rachel originally joined Kinsta because of our CSO, Nathan Bliss, who was her manager in her previous role.

Resisting this temptation translates into being true to one’s self, and maintaining confidence in who one is and in one’s knowledge and path. “It’s okay not to know everything, too,” she adds. “Ask questions. It’s your opportunity to learn every day!”

International Women’s Day has had us reflecting on the women in leadership positions within our organization.

Rachel Devine is Kinsta’s Director of Sales Operations. She joined the company back in May 2020 as a Senior Account Executive.

Nicole Coetzer joined Kinsta in July 2022 as our Head of Sales Development. Prior to joining us, she spent over eight years at Pentravel, where she held the position of National Sales Manager.

When she joined Kinsta as the first Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, she was responsible for building the Talent Acquisition team from the ground up. One year in, she was promoted to Director of Talent Acquisition.

Viktoria has always had a certain hunger for change within her, which was only appeased once she encountered a culture that resonated with her own values.

Rachel shares some words addressing them, too: “Be open to collaboration, expecting and acting upon a basis of mutual respect,” she says. “That’ll be extremely impactful in shaping an inclusive environment for women.”

Nicole Coetzer

Nicole Coetzer, Head of Sales Development at Kinsta
Nicole Coetzer

Who Is Nicole?

When asked how her identity influences how she shows up for work every day, Rachel says, “My identity is the reason it is so important to me to work hard, treat everyone with respect, have a great attitude, and give it all I have every day”

Her parents made her who she is today. They’re her biggest source of inspiration. It’s to them that she traces back her impeccable work ethic, which they instilled in her at a very young age. Rachel likes to remember how they taught her to be kind and respectful throughout her formative years.

“It’s time to take a long, hard look at your leadership teams: if everyone looks the same, has similar backgrounds and voices the same opinions, you are in trouble. Seek balance. You’ll see it provides a much broader outlook. Make access to opportunities genuinely equal, Invite women to the table and be willing to listen.”

Her piece of advice for women striving to achieve success in a male-dominated space is to “Seek out mentors and join relevant communities.”

Rachel played sports her whole life. This passion informed her background, leading her to study Sports Management. She then leveraged her hard-working and competitive nature to shift to SaaS (Sales as a Service) sales. She loves the way effort and dedication have a direct correlation with success in this field.

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“After all, we should all have the same opportunities and feel empowered to thrive — together.”

In Conclusion

Kinsta’s belief in the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace helps shape a positive environment for its female leaders. Our company culture values nuanced perspectives and experiences, and it empowers women in leadership roles to share their ideas and take on high-impact positions.

“All I’ve ever experienced here was the constant, unwavering support of the company as a whole, as well as my managers. Everyone has empowered me since day one,” she added. “It’s what makes Kinsta feel like it’s deserving of my efforts and dedication, every single day.”

Viktoria’s Inspirations and Learning

To Taryn, Kinsta is the first company she’s worked for that “truly lives and breathes its core values. I thoroughly enjoy working in an equitable, supportive, and inclusive environment.” She even claims she looks forward to Mondays!

She appreciates Kinsta’s friendly atmosphere, consistently helpful management, and great growth opportunities. She considers it “as perfect a workplace as she can imagine.”

The most impactful piece of advice she was given was to surround herself with people smarter than her and “to be the quietest one in the room.”

To her, “Working in IT as a woman was not as easy a few years ago. It’s truly empowering to see how, at Kinsta, it feels much simpler than I’ve ever experienced it to be.”

“I know she had to deal with more adversity than I ever have, but it never showed; she persevered and enjoyed a highly successful career. A strong and ambitious lady!”

Rachel is a Texas native and resides in beautiful Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Outside of work, she loves outdoorsy activities. That includes riding bikes, hanging on the beach, playing pickleball, and going out on the boat or paddle board.

Rachel’s Identity at Work

Her piece of advice for women striving to achieve success in a male-dominated space highlights empathy as the real key to unlock success.