Build an Advanced Reporting App for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce plugin for WordPress lets you efficiently create and manage an ecommerce platform, providing access to built-in notification features that alert you about new or completed orders, low stock levels, and successful payments. These features are essential but offer only limited insights into the valuable data WooCommerce collects.

Such restrictions are the nature of traditional plugins operating within the WordPress environment. On the other hand, hosted applications — web-based operations on external servers — are far more extensible.

By integrating with WooCommerce APIs and using external resources, hosted applications can provide advanced reporting, customized alerts, and detailed insights into ecommerce transactions.

In this guide, learn how to create a hosted application that generates email alerts with comprehensive transaction data, surpassing the capabilities of the standard plugin.

Existing Reporting and Notification Features

WooCommerce’s built-in alerts and status updates aid in essential store management but may not satisfy all business demands. Therefore, many users turn to third-party plugins to augment their notification and reporting capabilities.

Some of the most popular plugins include:

With these plugins, WooCommerce offers reporting and alert options, including order summaries, low stock alerts, inventory management, and in-depth analytics through integration with tools like Google Analytics.