Celebrating 20 Years of WordPress – WordPress.com News

When it comes to the talks, one of the clear favorites was sci-fi author Ken Liu’s “Tell the Story You Want To Tell”:

At the Woo booth, attendees experienced what it’s like to be a merchant with the Woo Mobile app. They used magic credit cards to “pay” for swag from the Woo Store. 

At WordPress.com, we were especially excited about Matt Mullenweg’s announcement of the 100-Year Plan. One of Matt’s inspirations is the Long Now Foundation, which is designing a clock to keep accurate time for the next 10,000 years. Thinking about a similarly aspirational goal is a worthy exercise. What does it mean to provide web services for 100 years? How do you register a domain for 100 years? Will people buy it at the beginning of their lives or at the end? 

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