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The shift towards online education is more than just a trend—it’s a significant and lasting change in how we share knowledge with the world. Whether you’re an experienced educator, corporate trainer, or influential thought leader, our upcoming webinar will equip you to set up and manage your own online course effectively.

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Join us for our October live webinars, carefully curated to benefit both novice and experienced site owners. Each webinar is free to attend and features a live Q&A session with our expert Happiness Engineers. Make the most out of your WordPress.com experience by attending these invaluable sessions.

In this comprehensive live demonstration, our WordPress.com specialists will walk you through the process of creating, managing, and monetizing your online courses using the Sensei Learning Management System (LMS) plugin with WordPress.com. You’ll learn:

  • Setting up your course outline
  • Creating engaging and educational content
  • Utilizing AI educational tools
  • Other tips for managing your courses

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This month we’re introducing you to the full power of course creation, plugins, and custom domains.