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Learn how by joining us for August’s featured webinar: Site Editor vs. Page Editor: Using the Power of WordPress Editing Tools to Create Your Entire Site.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned site owner, our experts will guide you through:

  • Distinguishing the site editor from the page and blog post editor
  • Locating and editing block theme templates
  • Assigning a new template to revamp your page or post appearance

It wasn’t long ago that customizing your website meant outsourcing your design to an experienced developer or learning to code for yourself. Times are changing, though. With the new WordPress.com block editing tools, you’re able personalize all aspects of your site with point-and-click simplicity.

Be a part of our WordPress.com live webinars, deliberately designed for both novice and experienced website owners. All our webinars are open to attend at no cost and wrap up with a vibrant Q&A session, allowing you to engage in meaningful conversation with our expert Happiness Engineers.

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We’ve prepared an exciting range of webinars this month to help you explore the vast potential of the WordPress.com editing tools and understand the importance of a custom domain for your website. These sessions are designed to arm you with the necessary skills to take your WordPress.com site to new heights!

Mastering Custom Domains

In this live tutorial, we’ll introduce you to the new WordPress.com Site Editor, which allows you to customize your website from top to bottom—no special coding skills needed.