How can the AI Content Wizard be used to create content outlines?

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Harnessing AI in Marketing, ethically

H1 Unlocking the Power of Effective Keyword Targeting Strategies
H2 Understanding the Importance of Keyword Targeting
H2 Identifying the Factors that Make a Keyword Wrong for Your Strategy
H2 Optimizing Keyword Research for Low Difficulty Index
H2 Leveraging Long-Tail Keywords for Informational Search Intent
H2 Implementing Effective Keyword Targeting Strategies

It will explore the factors that make a keyword wrong for a strategy and offer tips for optimizing keyword research and content production. 

It’s like condensing and automating several research and content strategy development steps into one. Nothing beats saving time, right?

The emergence and establishment of AI tools for marketing bring convenience and speed to task execution but also raise numerous questions about balanced and ethical usage.

Here are two primary ways to utilize the AI Content Wizard for effective content outline creation, tailored to your marketing team’s requirements.

AI Content Wizard for smaller teams

If this scenario applies to you, an effective approach is to integrate the ideas generated by the AI Content Wizard into your customary content outline and briefing model.

We certainly have. And when it comes to crafting content outlines and generating content ideas, we have a hidden ace up our sleeve: the AI Content Wizard.

A novice marketing team often consists of a few members or even just one.

In short, the AI Content Wizard helps you identify content gaps on your website—meaning content opportunities you haven’t yet tapped into—and transforms them into topics aligned with your strategy and audience.

Whatever your case, seeking solutions to optimize and speed up marketing tasks is a constant.

These are the subheadings for the order:

All of this is to identify the best content opportunity for my business based on data.

Here at Rock Content, we’re dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions that optimize marketing routines across various sectors.

H2 #1 Understanding the Impact of Keyword Research Mistakes on SEO PerformanceDiscuss a few common mistakes in keyword research and how they negatively impact a site’s SEO.
H2 #2 Strategies to Improve Keyword Targeting and Results
H3 #1 Identifying wrong keywords in your strategyH3 #2 Targeting Low Difficulty KeywordsH3 #3 [Add one more strategy]

The AI Content Wizard offers marketing teams a way to stay current with the AI-based tools market, without compromising content quality and legality. It’s the best of both worlds: AI efficiency combined with human creativity.

To let the AI work its “magic,” you need to provide the following data:

  • Company website
  • Audience location
  • Company’s market sector
  • Competitors
  • Keywords (suggested and additional)
  • Target audience description

The way you use the AI Content Wizard will depend on your team’s maturity level and needs. 

Use short paragraphs (2-3 lines, preferably)
The first link must be internal;
Data, examples, and studies are welcome;
Use bold text to emphasize key points; 
Understand what type of content you will produce.

Voice / Tone Educational
H1 Improving Keyword Targeting Strategy: Avoiding Wrong Keywords
Please note that this article is not about PPC-related keyword targeting, it’s about keyword research for organic traffic.

Start with a compelling introduction presenting news, statistics or scientific data, curiosity facts, or some storytelling.

Depending on your team size, content production goals, and other factors, you might require more or less assistance.

With this information, the tool can suggest three content themes for you.

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Using the AI Content Wizard to create content outlines

Especially in content creation, issues like plagiarism, copyright infringement, and overall content quality are prevalent.

In this article, I’ll show you how this AI can streamline your content outline creation, giving rise to ideas and content production. Keep reading to discover the best ways to harness this resource!

How does the AI Content Wizard work?

If this is your situation, you likely need to automate as many operational tasks as possible to focus on more strategic actions, such as planning and data analysis.

For instance, I exclusively work as an SEO strategist and invest more time in keyword research and content opportunities compared to a novice team.

“When I create my SEO/content strategy, I want to target the right keywords, so I can drive organic traffic to my website and, ultimately, convert more.”

Writing guidelines
Style guide Remember:

Here at Rock Content, it’s no different. We live the day-to-day of digital marketing and we are always striving to create tools that make it increasingly practical and automated.

The post will focus on the low-difficulty index and informational search intent long-tail keywords to increase organic traffic and improve SEO performance.

Your content marketing team might have reached a level of maturity where creation processes are well-defined and functional. Or perhaps you’re just starting to structure a seamless content flow, and any help is welcome.

Intrigued by the AI Content Wizard? You can try it for free along with all our other AI tools during the WriterAccess free trial. Secure your free trial now!

With the guidance of the tool-generated brief, combined with our writers’ expertise and creativity, you’ll gain access to high-quality content quickly and with minimal effort.

Moreover, it aids you in formulating the title and subtitles of your text, which frequently shape the structure of a sound brief.

Below, is another brief example, this time one that mixed ideas from the AI Content Wizard with our internal briefing model. We sent this to our writer, Danielle S, for the same topic “keyword segmentation:”

Basic Information
Audience This content is for marketers, brand owners, marketing, and business managers. 
Stage of the funnel: TOFU
Goal Audience member pain point to be alleviated by this blog post: 

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AI Content Wizard for Advanced Teams

You can rely on the AI Content Wizard to identify content opportunities, create outlines from scratch, and develop comprehensive briefs to be sent to our freelance writers via WriterAccess.

The tool will save you time by identifying content gaps and potential keywords that may have eluded you.

This comprehensive brief was created in a matter of minutes with the assistance of the AI Content Wizard, which pulled data from our exclusive Web Crawler and metrics used by specialized SEO tools like SEMRush, Hrefs, Moz, SimilarWeb, Backlinko, and others.

However, we do so with caution, always prioritizing quality and minimizing potential harm.

Here at Rock Content, a significant portion of our team is dedicated to content marketing.

For each of these themes, you’ll access keyword analysis with search volume, difficulty index, and potential content approach that matches user search intent.

Wrap up the article and make sure to add a CTA to WriterAccess’ AI Content Wizard, which helps marketers and content analysts to find the best keywords for their content strategy. 

Here’s an example of a brief we sent directly from the AI Content Wizard to our writer Shannon H, for the topic “keyword segmentation:”

This blog post will provide valuable insights and guidance on effective keyword-targeting strategies. 

And let’s be honest, who among us marketing professionals hasn’t turned to Artificial Intelligence this year to enhance their work?

Conversely, an advanced marketing team has distinct needs.

Whether you’re a content manager, SEO expert, or even a growth hacker, you likely need to craft content outlines from time to time (or often) in your marketing routine.

You can delve deeper into our process and briefing model in this article (and even acquire a template for your team!).