How To Build and Deploy Static Sites With Gatsby and Kinsta

Static websites have made a comeback in recent years thanks to their speed, security, and simplicity. One of the leading tools for building static sites today is Gatsby, a blazing-fast Static Site Generator (SSG).

Whether you’re a web developer looking to create a personal blog, a portfolio site, or a business website, Gatsby can help you achieve your goals. This comprehensive guide takes you through the process of building static sites with Gatsby. It covers everything from the basics to advanced topics.

A demo site showing what you can build after reading this guide
A demo site showing what you can build after reading this guide.

Understanding Static Sites

Static sites are web pages containing pre-rendered HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Unlike dynamic websites, they don’t rely on server-side processing for each request. Instead, all the content is generated ahead of time and served directly to the user’s browser. This approach offers several advantages:

  1. Speed: Static sites load quickly since there’s no server-side processing.
  2. Security: With no server-side code execution, static sites are less vulnerable to security threats.
  3. Scalability: It’s easy to cache and distribute static sites through Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).
  4. Simplicity: They are easier to develop, deploy, and maintain.

Now that you understand what static sites are and their benefits let’s dive into Gatsby.