How to Earn High-Quality Backlinks in 2023?

High-quality sites usually only link to quality content. If you want good backlinks, your content must be educational, entertaining, informational, or inspirational. It must also be entirely unique.

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Alternatively, you could interview someone noteworthy and post the interview on your site in text, video and/or audio format. The person you interviewed will almost certainly link to it. This content not only earns a high-quality backlink but also generates views.

Do something newsworthy

HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out. Sign up, and a reporter will contact you when in need of an opinion related to your field of expertise.

You’ll also find high-quality sites with outdated links related to your content. You can then contact these websites to suggest that they link to your up-to-date material.

Information on the site can be listed using multiple types of criteria. They include domain authority, domain, subdomain, URL, backlink type, and anchor text. The only downside of this tool is that it’s not easy for beginners to use.


SEMrush’s link-building tool doesn’t disappoint. It shows good link-earning opportunities for your site and helps you keep tabs on the links you already have. It also provides details about competitor backlinks.

Closing a store, opening a new branch, or releasing a new product can also be newsworthy. Consider your industry, location, and the frequency of such events in your area before calling the media. You want to use this method sparingly to draw attention to genuinely newsworthy events.

Five Tools To Help You Find The Best Backlink Opportunities

AI Backlink Matcher

Rather, you have to earn backlinks by creating winning content. It may consist of text, video, audio, interactive web pages, images, or infographics.

Like SEMrush, Ahrefs is complex and can be hard to use. But it has much to offer anyone who is already familiar with developing a successful link-earning campaign.

Notice the text says “earn” and not “build.” The idea that you can build backlinks to your site is erroneous. You can’t put links to your site on other sites and expect a boost in Google’s search results.

The format doesn’t matter. What matters is that it appeals to your audience and webmasters in your sphere of influence. This is what will earn you backlinks that boost your site in the long run.

What Is A High-Quality Backlink?

Ahrefs shows many kinds of link-building opportunities. You’ll see sites related to your website as well as sites that mention your business but don’t link to it.

Influencers aren’t the only people you can work with. Offering quality guest posts to other blogs in exchange for a backlink is also effective. Even leading companies like Moz and Forbes are happy to accept top-tier guest posts.

It’s easy to feel like you have to continually create content to get noticed. After all, small businesses may post up to four blog entries per week. Some large companies produce multiple blog posts each day.

Many news sites will provide a link to your website if you answer a reporter’s question. As an added benefit, getting your name in the local news sets you up as an authority in your field.


WriterAccess’ new AI Backlink Matcher makes it easy to find companies that would want to exchange links with you. Enter the URL of your site, and the tool will automatically identify sites to contact. AI Backlink Matcher also offers an easy-to-use tool for communicating with sites that the system identifies.


When Cox Media Group wanted to boost Rare Country, it created a new award to reach fans. It then partnered with multiple influencers to promote the awards and collect votes. The end results were high-quality backlinks as well as more than a million impressions.

All quality links are good, but high-quality ones have the potential to send a lot of traffic to your site. They also boost your standing in Google by associating your website with a site that has a high ranking.

How To Earn High-Quality Backlinks

Create quality content

Backlinks are one of the top two most important factors Google uses to rank websites. Learning how to earn these links can spell the difference between success and failure for your site.

However, quality always trumps quantity. Make a realistic schedule and stick to it. Creating two or four quality posts per month is better than producing multiple mediocre posts every week.

That’s where comes in. You can use it to find all email addresses connected to a name or website. This enables you to get in touch with the webmaster quickly and easily.


All organic links are quality backlinks. People make these links when they find your content helpful and want to share it with others.

However, high-quality backlinks have a few other qualifications. They come from highly relevant sites or authority sources, such as news websites. They also use anchor text that is highly relevant to your content.

Once you find sites that you want to earn backlinks from, it’s time to contact the webmaster. In some cases, contact information isn’t hard to find. In other instances, the site may not tell you who to contact regarding the creation of a guest post.

If you need high-quality backlinks, there are two things to do. First, create quality content that people will want to link to. Next, connect with people who would want to provide the links you need.

Organizing a charitable event is one good way to earn news coverage. Choose one that’s related to your line of work and fills a genuine need in your community. Vuly Play uses this tactic effectively by regularly donating its trampolines to schools and local charities.

When you do something newsworthy, you can ask local newspapers to cover the event. You can also craft a press release and send it to local or even national news outlets.

Interactive content is especially ideal for earning high-quality backlinks. Users appreciate it because they can interact with the content to receive personalized answers and information. High-quality sites like to link to it because it’s evergreen and offers value to their readers.

Network with others in your sphere of influence