Introducing Domain Forwarding on

Today, we’re happy to let you know that domain forwarding is available and easily accessible on 

Out of the box you’re getting:


Ever wished you could seamlessly guide visitors from one domain to another? That’s precisely what domain forwarding does. 

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We frequently use it here at For instance, when you type in—a catchy and memorable URL, if we do say so ourselves—you’re taken straight to our page at 

To set up domain forwarding today, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Visit your domain management dashboard at
  2. Click the domain you’d like to forward, which will bring you to that domain’s settings page.  
  3. Click the “Redirect Domain” section, enter the URL you’d like to forward to, and hit save. 

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Like this:

You can use a domain already registered at, transfer a domain from an existing registrar (like Google), or purchase a brand new domain. 

Domain forwarding has arrived.