The 15 Best Django Packages for Your Application

Since its public release in 2005, Django has become one of the most popular modern web frameworks for its speed, security, and smooth developer experience. This Python-based framework forms the foundation for Instagram, Pinterest, Disqus, and other successful websites and applications.

It also boasts many components for developing full-stack web applications. And if you need additional functions and features, you can explore Django’s rich open-source ecosystem of third-party packages and seamlessly plug them into your project.

This article explores the best Django packages to prepare your modern applications for production.

Understand Django and Its Ecosystem

Django uses the MVT (model-view-template) design pattern. Its rich and intuitive object-relational mapper (ORM) interacts with your Python database, a system of middleware and controller views manage the HTTP request and response cycle, and a frontend templating language renders dynamic server-side web pages. Django’s built-in forms module renders and validates HTML form submissions, and its packages offer user authentication, caching, automated emails, and static file management.