How To Deploy Your Hugo Site to Kinsta for Free

Hugo is a popular open-source Static Site Generator (SSG) designed to help developers build and manage websites quickly and efficiently. It can be used to create blogs, portfolios, and all forms of personal websites that do not require dynamic data.

When you build sites with Hugo, you’d definitely want to host them online so you can share them with all those who need to access them. This is where Kinsta’s Static Site Hosting comes in!

Understanding Kinsta Static Site Hosting

Kinsta Static Site Hosting is a free service dedicated to hosting static sites. It does this by serving pre-built HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files that don’t change dynamically. It works by connecting a repository hosted on a Git provider (BitBucket, GitHub, or GitLab) to your Kinsta account and deploying your static site files to the internet.

Kinsta’s Static Site Hosting can automatically build sites from SSGs built on top of Node.js, while for others like Hugo, written in Go programming language (Golang), you’d need to devise another approach.

This article explains how to host your Hugo site to Kinsta for free with Kinsta’s Static Site Hosting!